Google Nexus One

The Google Nexus One is yet to be officially outed. But the Big G’s blower has been the subject from some almighty leaks, with hands-on shots showing this next-gen Android-packing device can’t be far away from flying off the shelves. But before you start saving, make sure you’re bang up to speed on the Google Nexus One and the secrets this sexy cell is hiding.

It’s not the first Google phone

The Google Nexus One isn’t the first phone to have sole Google backing. Back in the days before Android

swept all before it, there was the developer aimed Android Dev Phone 1. Essentially a preproduction G1, it sold for $400. Likewise there was the Google Ion, which went on to become the HTC Magic.

Nexus Android

It’s not Google branded (yet), but it’s not HTC branded either

Not one major mobile player has owned up to making the Google Nexus One. Early rumours said it was one of HTC’s leaked 2010 lineup, but Engadget’s latest hands-on snaps show no branding from the Taiwanese titan. It’s more likely that the famous Google logo will end up slapped on the back though.

It has a Sci-Fi heritage

Google Nexus One is a name sci-fi geeks and gadget nuts will know well. It’s the name of a type of replicant in Blade Runner, referring to an Android that’s more advacned than any other. That’s certainly bang on the money, with this blower packing in Android 2.0.1, better than the first Android 2.0 device, the Motorola Milestone.

It bites its thumb at Windows

Watch the start up video for the Google Nexus One and it’ll look eerily familiar if you’ve ever used a Windows-friendly gadget. It looks just like the Windows logo and marks a huge shift from the Android green we’ve become so used to as the Big G’s mobile OS takes over the world.

Google’s gearing up to support the Nexus One online

Google’s already got a dedicated support page for the Nexus One at It’s not an Android page, but a plain old Google one. This suggests that it will sell the phone directly, perhaps with ad support to keep the cost nice and low.

Source: ElectricPig

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