Samsung Omnia 2 unboxed!

We’ve been waiting patiently for the Samsung Omnia 2 ever since June, but now at long last, the titanic Windows Mobile smarpthone is here at last. It may not be as big, but the 3.7-inch OLED screen on it is more than a match for the HTC HD2’s display, so read on to see it come out of its box at long last in our gallery right here!

Omnia 2

Omnia 2

omnia 2omnia 2

Having played with a finished Samsung Omnia 2 for the first time, we’re torn. We were all over the HTC HD2’s capacitive screen when we got a hold of the fella earlier on in the week, but Sammy’s OLED screen looks even better. Screens, snaps and videos are all eye popping, and make the iPhone seem positively low-res.

Naturally, Samsung’s also seen fit to give Windows Mobile 6.5 a facelift, ironing out the horrible grey boxes and menus with colourful and easy to poke options, as well as TouchWhiz for homescreen widgets.

Samsung Omnia 2, now with Windows Mobile 6.5
On the downside, though Samsung has improved its keyboard since the Jet – you can now roll across keys – the Samsung Omnia 2’s virtual board is still lacking. Is that a price worth paying? Hold tight and we’ll tell you in a full Samsung Omnia 2 review soon.

In the meantime, help your eyes to all the shots in our gallery, post haste!

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